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Which first aid kit should you take to Patagonia?

Michael Tyrrell - Monday, January 06, 2014

What first aid kit should you take to Patagonia: El Calafate Argentina

Parque Nacional Los GlaciaresPicture 1: Glacier Perito Merino - Parque Nacional Los Glaciares 

El Calafate is the gateway to the rugged Patagonia region in southern Argentina. There are so many outdoor activities to participate in including:

  1. Hiking and camping,
  2. Rock climbing,
  3. Horse back riding,
  4. Kayaking & canoeing

Patagonia RiversPicture 2: Kayaking through the Patagonia rivers crossing between Chile and Argentina

With so many outdoor activities, you must have a comprehensive first aid kit. In summer, you can walk for days exploring your own way through the rugged country and sleeping in refugios. Some of these refugios are simply a roof over your head, whilst others have all you need including meals and hot water.

If you choose to walk and camp, you must make sure you are prepared. Take all the items you need including food, camping gear, safety and notify someone of your plans.

El Calafate GlacierPicture 3: Glacier Perito Merino 

What first aid kit do you need?

The handy kit will buy you a little more space, however it is not comprehensive enough to deal with the many types of emergencies you will be exposed to. If you are travelling with a bunch of people and you can share the load of carrying a first aid kit, the Workplace First Aid Kit would be ideal. 

If you are travelling by yourself or only with one other person, I recommend taking the traveller first aid kit for any trek in Patagonia. Make sure to include antiseptic liquid, a couple of extra foil blankets to deal with the cold and blister protection and prevention.

You will be exposed to extreme weather changes, even in the summer months. The country is so rugged and you will often find yourself alone for hours on end. Be as prepared as possible. 

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