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What’s the best first aid kit to take on your surf trip?

Michael Tyrrell - Monday, July 07, 2014

With the combination of incredibly good winter weather and decent swell, there is no better way to spend your time exploring the coast in search of the perfect wave.

Wave 1

This winter I took a good mate of mine from Holland on a surf trip to some of the less travelled spots along the NSW East Coast. As we were heading to some remote locations, the workplace first aid kit or the home first aid kits and the emergency first aid handbook were the second things packed, after our surfboards of course!

Wave 2

Surfing remote beaches requires you to be prepared for any type of emergency. Whilst we were lucky enough not to experience any surfing accidents, we always carried our traveller first aid kit with us just in case. In this photo, one of the crew was thinking she was happy we were prepared!

Wave 3

Most of the camp grounds we visited are in the middle of national parks and only have the bare minimum facilities. As my friend is scared of snakes and spiders, he felt comforted when I showed him the new SMART snake bandage. After one demonstration, he was able to apply the correct pressure needed for any snake bite. Luckily for us, we only saw a few small snakes. We did see plenty of other wildlife including kangaroos, dolphins, whales and a wide array of birds.


You would've thought that we would need the first aid kit after this jump! A bruised arm from holding the go pro out and slapping the water was the worst injury of our trip! 


If you get a chance, get out there for an adventure and take advantage of our amazing country. We can't wait for our next surf trip. 

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