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Surfing Peru, Chicama - The Longest Left Hand Wave in the World

Michael Tyrrell - Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surfing Peru – Chicama

Chicama Sea


Puerto Chicama has one of the longest left hand waves in the world. It is located about 70km north of Trujillo city. It is an easy 1.5-2 hours bus ride and it will only set you back a couple of dollars.

The town

The town seems deserted. There were only a handful of surfers in the water which is a great thing. Finding suitable accommodation is a struggle as you can pay top dollar for something which is not really worth it or there were some poor options available. Hostel Iguana and Surf Hostel seemed to be the best options out there.

Hostel Iguana

The wave

This wave is incredible. Local surfers said that when the swell is right, you can surf from the point all the way to the pier. This would be about a 2.2km long wave.


You can surf around the point up another bay. Unfortunately the wave does not link up all the way to the point. If it did, you would be in for a 4km long wave.

When I was there the surf was small and the main point wasn’t working. The next bay was and it was an incredible wave. I had the longest waves of my life, a total of 700metres. The 30 minute walk is worth it and the run around after each wave is also worth it. You will spend more time out of the water than in!

Be warned. The water is cold! You will need a steamer at the minimum. 

Need a Steamer

Which first aid kit do you need?

First Aid Components

You are always at risk of accidents when on a surf trip. This wave had a crazy rip running and some sharp rocks to get through. You are always at risk of slicing yourself getting in and out of the water along this part of the coast. I managed to slice my hand and feet open. Being in a remote part of Peru, there is not much available to care for any wounds.

I had my handy first aid kit with me and I topped it up with Manuka honey and antiseptic liquid. I always travel with spray plaster which is a waterproof spray that acts as a bandaid. It is perfect for travel in remote spots where infection risks are high. I would have preferred to have had the traveller kit with me as I went through a lot of my first aid components within the 4 days we were surfing.

Infection is always a risk so wound care is a high priority. Make sure you take the handy kit as a minimum and preferably take the traveller kit if you have more space. If you are travelling with a group, I recommend taking the Home First Aid KIT.

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