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SMART snake bandage our innovative new product

Michael Tyrrell - Monday, December 07, 2015


Snakes and spiders are such a common occurrence in Australia that one would think they become just another part of life. However for some people, no matter how much exposure they have to snakes and spiders, they’ll forever remain frightened. Whilst snakes and spiders may install fear in some, we believe that an actual bite is truly terrifying. 

Knowing how to react and apply correct first aid immediately can be the difference between life and death. WHS First Aid KITS has teamed up with Survival Emergency Solutions and SSSafe to create the most versatile snake bandage that the market has even seen. This is a huge innovation and aims to ensure even the layman is prepared for an emergency! 

The graphics on the bandage help keep you calm because it shows what tension the bandage should have

Correctly Tensioned

Why is the correct pressure essential?

When applying a pressure immobilisation bandage, the correct tension is crucial so that you aren’t either applying:

    • - too much pressure and risking loss of limb, or 
    • - too little pressure and risking the spread of further poison through the body

Why do you need this?

Every household, workplace or person who spends time in the outdoors needs this bandage. For example, funnel web spiders are deadly. So are brown snakes. Every household, camper, workplace, adventurer must have this bandage so that they are prepared for any accidental bite. 

Other uses?

The SMART snake bandage also doubles as a compression bandage in your first aid kit for major wounds, sprains and strains. We recommend always having two with you so you can apply above and below the bite or wound.

What does the creator thing about this?

Craig Adams from SSSAFE is one of Australia’s leading snake experts. He states that “in snake bite emergencies, you need to act decisively, know what to do and have the best bandage at hand.”

The fine details

The SMART snake bandage is made out of a blend of woven cotton fabric. With non fraying edges. It is extremely durable and can be washed after use. The bandage is 2m by 10cm and weighs about 50grams. 

What's the damage to your back pocket?

Take advantage of this new release to the market and ensure your loved ones have access to a product that may one day save a life. The bandage is on sale for $8.95 and can be found here http://www.whsfirstaidkits.com.au/shop/first-aid-accessories/smart-snake-bandage

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