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Having been through the Tsunami that hit South East Asia on 26th December 2004, I realised two things:

  • 1. You never know what is around the corner
  • 2. I was not prepared enough for such a catastrophic and freak event

I was on Phi Phi island in Thailand. Approximately 2,500 people, over half the island, died. I was one of the lucky ones to survive.

My wife and I continue to travel extensively. Travelling remains my passion. These days I ensure I also have my Survival First Aid KIT or Traveller First Aid KIT whenever I am going on a new adventure.

I want to share these great first aid kits with everyone so that you also can be prepared to respond to an emergency in any circumstance be it in your home, vehicle, office or workplace, camping trip or adventure travel.

Our Vision

Is to spread these great products so that every:

  • workplace & work vehicle is compliant with the new WHS Code of Practice
  • home is safe
  • traveller is prepared
  • car, ute, 4WD, motorcycle, boat or caravan is equipped to respond to whatever situation arises

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